Sold my car fast

Last weekend I was travelling with some friends from Windermere to Millwoods on the Anthony Henday. Due to the cold weather conditions in Edmonton the roads were slippery. I did not realize how bad things were and unfortunately I ended up sliding over black ice and going in to the ditch near Rabbit Hill Road. My car was damaged from the front and the back and I knew that getting it fixed was just not going to be worth it. A friend recommended me to call Marie answered the phone and was quite patient as she understood that I was quite stressed and did not want some unknown towing company to show up and hit me ridiculous charges. She sent over their tow truck within minutes even though the guy was coming all the way from North Edmonton near Yellowhead highway. He came and gave me cash on the spot for my completely wrecked car. I simply had to sign off the title to them and it was all done. He hooked up the car and towed it away for free their auto junk yard. I never knew that junking my car could be that simple. Thank you very much to all the kind folks at your company.